Turnkey Solution

Turnkey solutions for water treatment have become increasingly popular in providing cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality water for homes, businesses, and industrial applications. Turnkey solutions provide a comprehensive package of design, engineering, and construction services to ensure that an all-inclusive solution is delivered to any customer. The turnkey process includes a thorough assessment of the customer’s needs, design and installation of a custom system to meet those needs, ongoing maintenance, monitoring of the system to ensure effectiveness, and placing guarantees on the quality of the final product. Utilizing turnkey services minimizes risk by transferring responsibility to experienced providers who guarantee results. These solutions are tailored with state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee compliance with stringent industry regulations while providing energy efficiency gains and safeguarding long-term customer satisfaction.

Sewage Treatment Plants

The Reeve Enviro Systems provide a comprehensive selection of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) for both rural and urban applications. The STPs are designed to reduce water pollution levels by ensuring that treated wastewater complies with discharge limits prescribed by the government and international standards.

Reeve Enviro systems use an aeration process to treat sewage effluent, where the air is bubbled and mixed into the water as it passes through the treatment plant. This forces out dissolved organic material, providing a highly efficient oxidation process that removes odors and breaks down organic matter.

Reeve Enviro systems include secondary treatments such as settling tanks, mechanical screens, ultrafiltration membranes, and sludge digesters. These treatments help to reduce pollutant levels further before the effluent is discharged into receiving environments such as rivers and oceans.

In addition to offering a variety of reliable STP systems, Reeve Eenvro also provides onsite installation services across India. The company has a team of specialized engineers who can build custom STP systems according to customer requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and satisfaction with their service.

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Water Treatment Plants

The Reeve Enviro Systems help to construct Water Treatment Plants by providing a range of products and services designed to make the construction process as efficient and effective as possible. Their product range includes water filtration systems, chemical dosing systems, wastewater treatment processes, and treatment plants. Additionally, they offer customized engineering solutions that help customers achieve their needs regarding water quality standards, costs, and turnaround times. Furthermore, their team of experienced engineers provides comprehensive advice and guidance on designing an effective and satisfactory water treatment plant. By leveraging their vast pool of knowledge in water treatment technology combined with their state-of-the-art engineering techniques, the Reeve Enviro Systems can ensure each Water Treatment Plant is well-equipped to address its purpose effectively.


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Effluent Treatment Plants

Reeve Enviro System helps to construct Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) by providing a full range of services from designing, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and providing efficient operation and maintenance of complete ETPs. They also provide quality equipment and reliable materials for constructing effluent treatment plants. Their experienced team of professionals understands all effluent treatment system construction processes, including water and wastewater treatment dynamics, setting up piping systems, and equipping the plant with the right specifications to ensure successful implementation. Moreover, they work closely with clients throughout the project’s timeline to ensure that all goals are met on time. Reeve Enviro System also provides tailored technical solutions to cater to specific needs related to construction projects, such as cost-effective designs that consider available resources and geographical limitations.

Additionally, they provide onsite training programs for ETP operators and other staff associated with the operation and maintenance of the plants. Lastly, Reeve Enviro System maintains long-term customer relationships so that any future problems or modifications can be easily addressed without delay to meet operational standards expected from industrial operations.

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Multiple Effect Evaporator

Reeve enviro system helps to construct a Multiple Effect Evaporator by providing a highly-efficient, cost-effective solution for the preheating and evaporation of wastewater solutions. The system uses advanced heat exchangers and condensers designed to operate at low operating pressures, reducing energy consumption costs. Additionally, Reeve Enviro System includes an optimally-designed evaporator body that allows for rapid evaporation and maximum solids concentration, resulting in higher-quality final products. It also includes ancillary components such as pumps, air compressors, and instruments for the complete operation of the multiple effect evaporator (MEE).

The Reeve Enviro System provides a complete solutions package that ensures efficient heat transfer with minimal fouling and offers some degree of automation with its ability to integrate with third-party equipment.

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