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About Reeve Enviro Systems


Reeve Enviro system has Two decades of experience in the Waste Water Management industry.Reeve Enviro has become one of the industry’s leading provider of reverse osmosis (RO) systems, membranes,filtration products and chemicals for the water treatment industry.

Reeve guarantees you great value for money and ensure you get the right treatment every time. We don’t just sell water treatment and  water purification products; all our chemicals are supplied with technical data sheets and MSDS with your own brand’s label, plus when you buy from us you’ll receive access to comprehensive technical advice and support.

If you’re looking to add value to your business with high quality, trusted water treatment chemicals we can help. With a vast range of water treatment products and services we’re sure to have the solution for your specific needs.

With a single focus to cater to Waste Water Management industry, facilitate the supply of Water Purification and Water Treatment products – ranging from all types of Membranes, Chemicals and Systems. Supported by a team that is built on values, clients and teamwork. Reeve’s Culture is Created by self-motivated, committed professionals. We stand by our values to offer utmost satisfaction to our clients.

Why Choose Reeve Enviro Systems?

Reeve Enviro has become one of the industry’s leading provider of reverse osmosis (RO) systems, membranes,filtration products and chemicals for the water treatment industry.

Reeve Enviro has earned the trust and respect of industry professionals and customers.At Reeve Enviro Systems, the customer comes first. We supply the RO membranes, Membrane chemicals and Pressure vessels you need and provide exceptional customer and technical support. Our products are engineered to provide superior performance so you can be assured that your water treatment solution meets your filtration and purity standards.

How Reeve Enviro Systems can help You  Choose a Better Water Treatment Systems:

When Selecting a Water  Treatment System the type of water treatment system to be chosen will depend greatly on the number 
and type of contaminants or aesthetic problems identified by the water quality tests completed on your source water. Once you have determined the parameters of concern in your water, it is best to contact as many water treatment experts as possible to find out about the water treatment options that are available. When discussing water treatment options with a local water treatment expert, the following questions should be considered:

  • Reeve Enviro System can help you find what treatment options are used to treat my specific water quality problems?
  • Reeve Enviro System can help you find How do these specific treatment options work?
  • Reeve Enviro System help you find What other treatment options are available? 
  • What specific equipment/device that will perform this treatment is recommended?
  • Why can the treatment device be connected to additional treatment devices in the future for increasing capacity or further improving treatment?
  • What treatment options are being used in the area with similar water quality problems?
  • What disadvantages are common to the treatment device being considered?
  • What are the installation and maintenance costs associated with the treatment devices?
  • Does the treatment option involve adding chemicals to the water? If yes, what are they?
  • How many treatment steps are needed? (eg. pre-filtration -> cartridge filtration -> UV disinfection)
  • In what ways can the treatment device malfunction and how can these malfunctions be detected?
  • What maintenance requirements are needed to ensure the treatment device operates efficiently? (eg. replacing filters, cleaning components, etc.)
  • How much wastewater is produced when treating the water?


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