Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plants are the most critical part of a water system. They treat and purify your drinking water before delivering it to you.
We offer concept development, design, detailed engineering, fabrication, erection, testing, and commissioning of water treatment plants. We have commissioned over fifty water treatment plants across India. We’ve designed our water treatment plants for various sources, including lakes, rivers, sea, and borewells. The product water is used for domestic and industrial applications.

Our Products :

  •     Reverse Osmosis plant
  •       De mineralized water plant
  •       Softener
  •       Iron removal units
  •       Filtration plants (Sand & Carbon)
  •       Ultrafiltration
  •       Nanofiltration
  •       Degassifiers
  •       Condensate Polishing Units
A water treatment plant that treats sewage and other wastes from homes, businesses, industries, hospitals, schools, etc. The STP receives raw sewage from the sewer mains. It then processes it to remove pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, oil and grease, organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, suspended solids, and dissolved oxygen. The treated water can be discharged into rivers or lakes or used for irrigation, industrial, or household use. The design of an STP depends on the volume of waste generated by the population served, the type of waste produced, and the local regulations governing the discharge of effluents.

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