Effluent Treatment Plants

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is a facility that treats wastewater from industrial processes and discharges it into the environment. The ETPs are generally located near the wastewater source but spread out over large areas. Wastewater treatment plants are designed to treat different types of waste. For example, municipal sewage treatment plants handle the discharge of human waste from homes and businesses. Industrial wastewater treatment plants treat wastewater from factories, mines, paper mills, petroleum refineries, steel mills, food processing plants, power plants, breweries, and other industries.

Steps in Effluent Treatment Plants

At Reeve Enviro Systems, we have an excellent track record in the Turnkey Supply of Effluent Treatment Plants. We have industrial effluent treatment plants for a wide variety of industries, including automobile manufacturing units, tire manufacturing units, float, and mirror glass units, pressure dies casting units, phosphate and electroplating units, cyanide/coolant/emulsified oil/leather effluents, radioactive material processing units, pharmaceutical, and drug units, cosmetic units, food units, etc.

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